Ubisoft Kicks Off E3 with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Details

Nintendo’s Miyamoto Surprises Ubisoft Fans With Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Announcement

Ubisoft came out of the gate at E3 with details on their Rabbids/Super Mario crossover, with Miyamoto himself coming out on stage, brandishing a toy blaster we have seen in the leaked media images for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. With much praise from Miyamoto for the work Ubisoft has done, he said with this collaboration he wanted to make sure this wasnt just another Mario platformer, but something new entirely.

The game will be a tactical adventure title, launching Exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, in which The Rabbids have been teleported into the Mushroom Kingdom causing the home of the plucky plumber to become increasingly unstable. The preview at E3 is loaded with humor and just looks phenomenal.

Mario + Rabbids


The turn based combat looks to be excellent for both newcomers and strategy fans alike, with each character having their own unique combat skills. The graphics and style of both inspired series looks phenomenally well blended, and is sure to be another heavy hitter for the Nintendo Switch.

The official release date for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is August 29th. For more information, check out the official website. How do you feel about this new and curious team up? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.