Team behind Killer Instinct announces New title: ‘Extinction’

‘Extinction’ Is the Latest Innovative Title to Be Announced from Iron Galaxy

With two weeks to go until the biggest gaming spectacle of the year, developer Iron Galaxy has announced their latest project to be fully unveiled at E3: Extinction. The game looks to be an absolutely epic title that blends the very best concept from several notable franchises into what could very well become a legendary experience.

Extinction will offer the same gargantuan challenge seen in the trailer of taking on colossal ogres and their minion horde using a variety of weapons, abilities, and skills that look like they could make Ezio envious. The game will also feature a dynamic skill-based combat system for tactically disarming and dismembering your opponents. Players take on the role of Avil, one of the last Sentinels who are the ancient soldiers trained specifically in defeating these 150 foot tall monsters. Derek Neal, the executive produce at Maximum Games who published the game said: “…Each players experience will be varied, as the landscape and battle situations will never be identical.” Does this imply randomly generated landscapes to fight on? A promise like that definitely leaves us wanting to know more of what Extinction will have to offer come E3.


Extinction is set to feature a sprawling and deep single player campaign, with Avil saving as many innocents as he can while defeating the ogres, as well as dynamic side quests that will help you unlock new abilities. Extinction will see players use the entire environment around them to their own disposal with fluid parkour, swift combat, fully destructible and interactive environments, as well as manipulating objects to your advantage in combat. The game will also feature custom battles with unique objectives that can be shared online and the Extinction mode, challenging players to survive wave after wave of orges and their minion hordes.

This is definitely a game to keep an eye out for at this years E3 and is positively built to impress. Extinction is set to launch next year in Q1 of 2018, and will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. For more information, check out the official website. What do you think about this game? does it seem too good to be true? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.

Source: Press Release