PC game deals: Get Steam Controller, Steam Link, Prey for Dirt-Cheap Right Now

PC Game Deals: Killer Prices on the Steam Controller, Steam Link, Prey and Tons More

Happy Friday gamers! Here to kick off the weekend we have a huge list of awesome deals for the PC that you will not want to miss out on. This weekend we have got the perfect PC companions on sale with the Steam Controller at 30% off and the Steam Link at 26% off. Need a couple new games to try out your new accessories? We’ve also got online game codes for Prey which is 34% off, $20.40 in savings and an online game code for Warhammer: Dawn of War III at 25% off, which is $15.00 in savings! Thats just the tip of the iceberg, folks! Check out the rest of the list below for even more great deals.

steam controller


PC Game Deals – Games:

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The weekend is off to a great start for PC game deals on Amazon! Be sure to check out our upcoming Xbox One deals and PS4 deals for even more great savings!