Nintendo Switch Hits 1 Million Faster Than the PS4, & Mario Kart Outsells Zelda

And Splatoon 2 Launch Is Projected to Be Huge

The Japanese really enjoy their portability, apparently. According to Media Create tracking, Nintendo’s popular console has reached one million units sold in Japan since launch on March 3rd, 2017, making it this generation’s fastest-selling piece of hardware in the country.

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According to Famitsu, the Nintendo Switch has sold 1,016,473 units 17 weeks after launch. This is significantly faster than the PS4 which took a total of 46 weeks before crossing the same mark. However, Sony’s console still sits at the top with a worldwide total of over 60 million consoles sold. That number is increasing, but the fact that Nintendo made it this far this fast means the console could become a contender in the future.

On the software side, Nintendo Switch’s ARMS is #1 in sales for the week. Curiously, however, when it comes to totals, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe surpasses all games with 535,636 units sold. More copies than even Breath of the Wild (513,038 units sold) which debuted alongside the Switch.

But this past week, the PlayStation 4 actually outsold the Nintendo Switch. This may be due to supply constraints. Nintendo’s console is still seeing a worldwide shortage and Japanese consumers believe this is Nintendo holding back for its Splatoon 2 release. The original Splatoon garnered surprisingly large popularity in Japan, selling near 1.5 million units before sales tracking stopped. And this was on the Wii U. Considering the greater popularity of the Switch and the special Splatoon 2 console, Nintendo must be anticipating particularly high demand both in terms of software and hardware.

New Splatoon 2 Stage

Nintendo has already released a statement promising bigger shipments of their Nintendo Switch console. Allegedly, this will take effect in July. They’re also increasing production of the special Splatoon 2-themed console. Hopefully, this means there will be less of a shortage come release, which is on July 21st.

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