4A Games Debuts New Trailer of Metro Exodus at E3 2017

The Third Metro Title Has Officially Been Revealed

After Phil Spencer announced that there would be a staggering 42 games shown at Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference, one of the first few titles revealed was Ukranian developer, 4A Games’ third Metro game,¬†Metro Exodus.

We got to see gameplay footage that featured the main character in a gas mask fending off a wolf-like ghoul in an abandoned tunnel. The character then made their way to a deserted town with weathered buildings with a few of those wolf creatures stalking about.

The highlight of the gameplay video was when a huge bear monstrosity burst through a wooden barricade and savagely chased down the character. Luckily, the character had a crossbow equipped with mini-explosive arrows. The fight ends when the bear is lead near an edge and it tumbles down. It’s a pretty dynamic sequence that will be interesting to see if every encounter can end in such open-ended fashion.

The gloomy demo ended with some hope as the main character ziplined across the valley. There, far away from that falling bear, the main character saw a steam train and another friendly survivor onboard as well.

The demo looked amazing on Xbox One X with plenty of excellent lighting and a very smooth framerate too. The Metro series has been on the PS4 consoles in the past, so it’ll be interesting to see if it’ll come to PS4 Pro as well.

More news on this game and other E3 2017 news as it happens. Keep it locked here for more coverage.