Recent Reviews on Steam for Grand Theft Auto V Have Been Negative Following Shut Down of OpenIV

Negative Steam Reviews for GTA V as Thousands Sign OpenIV Petition

A few days ago the modding tool used by tons of Grand Theft Auto V PC users, OpenIV, was officially shut down. This came as the result of receiving a cease and desist order from Take Two Interactive earlier this month. In response many fans of the vastly popular modding tool have taken to various outlets to express their frustration!

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Grand Theft Auto V is the latest in a long line of titles that have allowed their users to be creative with a variety of mods in the single-player mode. Unfortunately, Take Two Interactive, publisher of GTA V has recently issued a cease and desist letter to the creators of modding tools, including OpenIV, Menyoo and Force Hax. The only difference between OpenIV and the other two companies is that Menyoo and Force Hax influence the game’s multiplayer mode. As you can imagine, this has caused quite an uproar from fans, who have seemingly made it their mission to make Take Two see the error in their ways.

On top of avenues such as Google, and various social media sites, fans have also started writing negative reviews of the game on Steam. In fact, over the course of the past 30 days, the reviews on Steam for GTA V has been “overwhelmingly negative.” To put it into context, only 14 percent of the 35,960 users that posted reviews in the past 30 days had something positive to say. This means that 86%, or 30,925 users posted negative reviews! You can see a picture of this overwhelming negative response to Take Two’s actions below.

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In addition to the negative reviews on Steam and cries of outrage online, fans of the OpenIV modding tool have amassed over 40,000 signatures on their petition. The message cannot be more clear to Take Two Interactive as it states that thousands have lost their ability to mod the game, or pursue their passion for modding. The petition says, “Myself, and other members of the LSPDFR and GTA modding community ask that OpenIV be allowed to continue distributing and running as a modding software, and that the modding of the Grand Theft Auto series, including SA, IV, and V be deemed legal again as Rockstar Games has said in the past.”

What do you think about the response? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked to find out if Take Two will respond!