Gran Turismo Sport Release Date May Have Been Leaked

PS4 Owners Can Get Behind the Wheel This Holiday

Anticipation for Gran Turismo Sport is at an all-time high, and a vague “Fall 2017” release window announced at this year’s E3 hasn’t done much to temper expectations. That may have changed though.

According to the July issue of PlayStation Official Magazine UK, GT Sport will be out on November 16th. There are a couple reasons to assume that this is a legitimate release date too. As the name of the magazine suggests,┬áthis isn’t just coming from a random source but rather the official PlayStation magazine. Furthermore, they have also been known to leak release dates before and were proven correct. Even still, without official confirmation from Sony or Polyphony, there is still a chance that this information is false.

Gran Turismo Sport

A November 16th release would be a perfect date for Gran Turismo Sport, allowing it to steer clear of the October onslaught of heavy hitters coming out as well as giving PS4 owners a quality exclusive in time for the Holidays.

Gran Turismo Sport was initially scheduled to release in November of 2016 but was wisely delayed to ensure it met the standards of past Gran Turismo games. A closed Beta was made available this summer to test out online servers. You can read all about our experience with the Beta here.

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