Devolver Digital Press Conference is a Meta Joke on Everyone Watching

The Devolver Digital Press Conference Makes Fun of Itself

This is what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve heard lifeless CEOs spout out about how their new Xboxen is the best Xboxen and boy, wow, you can look forward to it and all this cool stuff. Or look at how cool all these games are, get ready because you – you’re gonna get it! SHOVE IT UP YOUR TIGHT BUSINESS END. The Devolver Digital press conference has humor and absurdity, and it is more full of life than all these big-wig conferences with their stadium seating and I LOVE IT.

Nina Struthers, Chief Synergy Officer (to promote Synergy, the drug of businessmen everywhere) starts this conference off with a literal bang. With a blank gun. And reloads it to fire a second volley of shots. Everyone is laughing, and the cheesy cuts to obviously staged audience reactions is hilarious.

Devolver Digital press conference Dave Lang

Devolver is coming to you live from the Dave Lang Memorial Theater, and no one pays their goddamn respects to Dave. Nina is very proud to have you on this very special occasion with very special games in a very adventure down a very Devolver Digital press conference. Very. The camera cuts on every word to a new shot, poking fun at these conferences’ overblown nature.


Jessica Chobot reaction Devolver Digital press conference

And with that, we get into our first game from Devolver, RUINER. The clip is so short, and then we get another presenter, Milo Lowrie – Research and Development and More Research (official). His smarm charm is turned up to 11 on this one. He reveals the Devolver Digital Screen Pay, where you can literally throw money at the screen and Devolver will receive it. YOU HAVE RECIEVED 40 HOT AMERICAN DOLLA DOLLA BILLZ! But something goes horribly wrong – their audience volunteer gets too greedy and gets his arm lopped off by the Screen Pay.

Devolver Digital press conference killed a man

Devolver Digital has killed a man. They have committed murder. No one will know except for me watching this stream and the other 2 people watching. Will this be a Phil Collins “in the Air Tonight” situation, or will someone call the police? I will. I have to. I have to go.