Cover for the First Overwatch Comic Book Anthology Revealed

And It Means We’ve Got a Bit of Reading to Do

Amazon has gone ahead and updated their product page for the Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1. And in case you didn’t know, there is an anthology coming soon. Anyone who’s a fan of comics and/or a fan of the game can now brush up on the game’s story.

tracer overwatch holiday webcomic

Players and avid readers will soon be able to own a hardcover copy of Overwatch as illustrated by Blizzard’s creative team: Matt Burns, Robert Brooks, Micky Neilson, Nesskain, Bengal, and more. If you haven’t immersed yourself in the lore yet, there’s never been a better opportunity.

Overwatch’s comic collection is being published by Dark Horse Books. It contains the first twelve issues released, with stories of the game’s beloved characters, including Tracer, Ana Amari, Soldier 76, and Symmetra. You can find out more from the product page listed here.

“From Soldier: 76 to Ana, Tracer to Symmetra, discover the history behind Overwatch’s heroes. How did Bastion become part of the team? Why did Ana Amari disappear? Where did Tracer get her catchphrase?”

We all want to know where Tracer got her catchphrase. That, alone, may be enough reason to buy.

Discover Overwatch: Anthology Volume 1 on October 10, 2017. Pre-orders are available for anyone looking to add to their collection. From here until release, feel free to let us know your thoughts on this new release. Have you dived into Overwatch comics yet? Comment down below.