Drape Yourself in Overwatch with New Loot from J!NX

New Line of Overwatch Clothing Now atĀ the J!NX Store

You play the game. You love the game. Maybe you want to showcase this fact to the whole world? In that case J!NX has you covered, literally and figuratively, with a selection of Overwatch clothes. The new clothes are coming out in celebration of Overwatch‘s one-year anniversary. They’ve got coats, shirts and lounge pants available right now. Check out the coat below:

J!NX Overwatch

Sleek and stylish yet functional, no? Perfect for someĀ fandom-branding with a little cool on top. There’s also scarves, shorts and performance jerseys. On top of that, J!NX is coming out with a line of hoodies this fall. The first model is hitting their store site in July, if you’re holding out for swag with a more distinct personality:

J!NX Overwatch

Not down with the gunmetal grey? Looking for something that doubles as a signal flare in a crowded convention center? This D.Va hoodie should fit the bill nicely. The rest of the lineup is coming in September. Genji, Lucio, Zarya and more will be among the designs on the way this fall.

Those fans interested in flying the colours can check out the complete product line here. Looking for more ways to celebrate Overwatch’s one-year anniversary? You can check out our coverage of the whole shebang here.

SOURCE: Press Release