Dota 2 Getting Its First Co-Op Campaign This Month

Act 1 of the Dota 2 Co-Op Campaign Scheduled for May

Dota 2, Valve’s take on the MOBA genre, will be getting its first co-op campaign later this month. Titled Stiltbreaker, the campaign will be split into two parts.

Dota 2 Co-op Campaign

The first part of the campaign will take place in the Dark Reef. The second part will be coming out in July. Playing through the campaign will get players experience towards turns at the Wheel of Rewards. Access to the campaign will require the Battle Pass, Dota 2’s buy-in to the game’s yearly tournament prize pool. The aforementioned Battle Pass comes with a host of other features. Players can gamble ever increasing amounts of Battle Points on their victories, acquire Relics for new emblem effects and Prestige Towers. That last one replaces regular defensive pillars with towers that get better depending on the performance of you and your team.


Continuous success in the campaign translates to a tiered series of rewards. Talented players can unlock rare items like the Desert Baby Roshan or the always-useful XP Booster. The Battle Pass still retains all of its original features, such as wagers made on your own success or the outcome of the prize pool. What do you think? Will the campaigns be a smashing success, or will they fade into obscurity after a single year?