Discover what is Real in Phantom Trigger

Unique Indie neon slasher ‘Phantom Trigger’ coming to Steam and Switch

Sometimes we get to sit in this wonderful seat of speculation as we wait to discover more about a game ‘coming soon.’ Phantom Trigger, developed by Bread Team, is an upcoming indie title that – whether or not you have heard of it – deserves a good long look. The trailer seems solid, if a bit run of the mill, however its the closing moments that deliver the perfect hook:

Described uniquely as a hardcore neon slasher, players will control Stan as he travels through “surreal and twisted worlds” in an effort to discover what about the world around him is actually real. His final reaction in the trailer is what really pulls you in to find out the truth about what appears to be run-of-the-mill Stan. The gameplay footage is reminiscent of some notable classics from the 80’s for its combat style, but its overall presentation seems to fringe on the modern and vintage art styles, with some truly gorgeous neon lighting effects.

Discover Phantom Trigger

Gameplay is said to focus on combo’s and upgrading weapons while exploring through roguelike-style dungeons, and will offer players multiple endings. Phantom Trigger is currently available for alpha on Steam although an official release date has not been finalized. The game will also be launching on the Nintendo Switch sometime this summer. For more information on Phantom Trigger, check out the official website.

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