Overwatch at a Discount? Maybe It’s Stolen!

PSN User Finds Someone Using His Account to Play Overwatch for Six Months

A cautionary tale of discounts that seem to good to be true comes to us by way of Kotaku this morning. Mic Folk gets an email from someone who’d been playing Overwatch on a PSN account for six months suddenly can’t access it anymore. The account in question belonged to Folk himself!

How on earth did such a thing occur? It turns out there are sites one can peruse for games at discounts not found elsewhere. Places like PSN Games (no link included due to the extreme sketchiness involved) will sell you access to an account with the game you want for super cheap. You just log in with the account, download the game and log back out. Easy right? Hardly immoral at all, really.

As an extra bit of insult, what happened to Folk can happen to anyone, and easily. There are loads of sites out there (again, no links for moral reasons) which catalogue compromised account information. If you’ve ever been prompted to change your password for security reasons, or to thwart some attempt at infiltration, your data is likely listed there. Breaches such as these are what prompted many online services to switch to two-step verification systems. The moral of the story? Sometimes that amazing deal is just too good to be true. If that amazing deal involves buying an old account, PSN or otherwise, then it’s definitely too good to be true.