Nintendo Switch Dock to Become a Standalone Accessory Next Month

Nintendo Switch Dock Is Hitting the Market as a Standalone Accessory, Cables and All

Previously only offered as a replacement accessory on their online store, Nintendo is going full force with its marketing and making the Nintendo Switch dock available as a standalone accessory. According to their Nintendo Direct presentation and the new¬†purchase¬†option listed on their site, the Nintendo Switch dock will be available starting May 19th and you can grab it from the official Nintendo website. The retail price for the product is set for a solid $59.99, and it’ll come in one neatly wrapped package including all of the cables needed to set it up.

Nintendo Switch Dock

While there’s still no word on when Nintendo will be making a portable dock or battery pack for the home and handheld hybrid, Nintendo has now made it easier than ever to play on multiple TVs in different locations. So if you decide that it’s a perfect day to take your copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the office, you don’t have to worry about your handheld battery life because you’ll have a compatible dock that syncs snuggly with your second TV set.

The previous dock supplied by Nintendo did not come with any of the cables required, as it was only meant to be a replacement. This major upgrade from Nintendo gives us high hopes for more Nintendo Switch hardware releases in the future.