Horizon: Zero Dawn Graphics Are the New Standard, Says Naughty Dog

“This is The Bar Now” According to Naughty Dog Creative Director

In a recent interview between Hermen Hulst and Neil Druckmann, the Naughty Dog Creative Director gave his thoughts on Hulst’s newest release, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Druckmann was floored by Zero Dawn’s graphics, going so far as to label them the new standard in AAA gaming.

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According to Druckmann the game’s “graphics are staggering. I don’t even think of it as graphics because I’m in the woods.” Not only the level of graphical polish, but the amount of detail in Zero Dawn has set a new standard for developers like Druckmann. Looking ahead, the Naughty Dog Director wants to match that kind of detail and polish in his future projects.

“You better believe I’m going to my team, and I’m saying like, ‘Okay. This is the bar now.'” Druckmann stated. His team is currently at work on a sequel to The Last of Us. If Zero Dawn is the new standard in graphics, they’ve set the bar pretty high. However, as games like Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series and The Last of Us have proven, the company is more than up to the task. It merely remains to be seen whether anyone else can follow suit. This new standard might be something of an exclusive club for a while. You can check out the complete interview below. Look for more news on Druckmann and Hulst’s current and future endeavors here on COGconnected!