Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft Have Themselves a Twitter War

The Two MMOs Trade Hilarious Pot-Shots in a Good Old Twitter War

It’s a question many have struggled with: World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV? Both games have their upsides. Both games have a massive following and many years of rich history. How to resolve such a difficult decision? How about a Twitter war?

FF XIV WoW Twitter War

One fan, S1N3N, took this quandary to Twitter, perhaps for some feedback from fellow fans:

The World of Warcraft account was the first to respond, making a case for their game:

Naturally the Final Fantasy team followed suit:

Things escalated rather quickly:

Overwatch didn’t so much pick a side as they merely enjoyed the battle at hand.

So which one will our indecisive fan choose? Which one should he choose? Let us know in the comments below!