Black Ops II Sees a Surge in Popularity After Backwards Compatibility Release

Black Ops II Released to Backwards Compatibility Program

After Amazon inadvertently leaked the possible release of Black Ops 2 to the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program, the news has since been confirmed by Microsoft, who announced that the game was now available for the Xbox One! Following this there has been a huge surge in the amount of people playing the Xbox 360 classic.

black ops II

Black Ops II, arguably Treyarch’s most successful shooter, came out in 2012, and has been one of the most requested games to come to the Backwards Compatibility program, so it makes perfect sense that fans would rush back to play it as soon as possible! Microsoft, who had been pretty tight lipped about the game’s release to the Backwards Compatibility program recently confirmed that the game can be played on the Xbox One!

Over 125,000 players have gotten back in on the action of one of the most popular shooters from the Call of Duty franchise. Check out the tweet from Charlie Intel below:

What truly speaks volumes about the success of the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program is that Black Ops II has more people online than Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare. Considering this title is four years old, and that Call of Duty has released 4 games since, it shows the dedication fans have to the classic game, and that Microsoft did a good job listening to the requests of fans, even if these requests came all too often!