Comic Artist Creates Beautiful Depictions of FF7 Main Cast

Artist’s Gallery Shows Off FF7 Main Cast in New Light

Square Enix has made some massive, prolific games in their time. None of them come close to Final Fantasy VII in terms of cultural impact and recognition. Not only did the company work to maximize the game’s impact over a period of decades, but the game’s fans have created a mountainous volume of work in appreciation and tribute. One such fan is comic artist Nikolas Draper-Ivey.

FF7 Main Cast Cloud Tifa

Draper-Ivey recently published these drawings on his Facebook page. They serve as an excellent example of the alternate possibilities in store for any sufficiently diverse and complex narrative out there. Draper-Ivey came under fire for his proclivity towards drawing “heroes of color.” His response, to be succinct, suggested he wasn’t stopping anytime soon. And why should he? These are amazing!

FF7 Main Cast Barret FF7 Main Cast Tifa FF7 Main Cast Sephiroth FF7 Main Cast Cloud

In Draper-Ivey’s own words, “I specifically chose FFVII because it’s already a diverse cast and to Square Enix’s credit, you could literally tell the same story with these designs.” The mark of an excellent story, among many others, is this flexibility. Nothing about Final Fantasy VII’s story is explicitly tied to any character having a particular skin color. In other Final Fantasy news, sometime before the heat death of the universe we’ll see more than a single screenshot from the FFVII remake.