People Are Flying in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild; Find Out How

Find Out How to Build an Airship in Breath of the Wild

The long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been met with amazing reviews worldwide, including a perfect score from us. It has been praised as not only the best Zelda game to date, but quite possibly the best game Nintendo has ever made. Earlier this week we told about a new behind-the-scenes series from Nintendo. The video discusses, among other things, how important it was to the developers for all of the objects in the giant open world to be able to interact with each other. The video expressed how this functionality would lead to gameplay possibilities that even they didn’t plan on. It turns out they were right, since a few Breath of the Wild players have figured out how to actually create an airship in the game. Yes, you can fly in the game, how amazing is that!

We have a video for you below but its most a pretty simple process. First, you’ll need to kill at least a few Octoroks and collect the resulting Octo Balloons. Then, you need to find yourself a raft and attach the Octo Balloons to it. That is pretty much it.

Get a few balloons on your raft and it’ll start floating. The aircraft is by no means precise, since the placement of your balloons has to be pretty spot on in order for your flying raft to stay level. The balloons will also pop after a short while, so for sustained flight, it’s important to have a bunch of them in your inventory.

While it looks a bit finicky to use, such an airship should be pretty useful in the game. In the video above, for instance, the player used his own airship to fly directly to Ganon. The world is huge, so there are surely other hard-to-reach areas that are now a lot more accessible thanks to this fun trick. This leads to the question, though: What else can we attach Octo Balloons to? We can only imagine how useful this item will be once we unlock its full airborne potential.

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