Major Nelson Triggered After He’s Pestered About Black Ops II Backwards Compatibility

Major Nelson Fighst Back After Repeated Questions on Call of Duty: Black Ops II Backwards Compatibility

Back in November we told you about a promotional Dead Rising 4 email that went horribly wrong. Major Nelson took to Twitter at the time to apologize for that email, which you can read about here. Today we learned that Major Nelson is back at it again on Twitter, except this time he is not apologizing, he is fighting back. Judging by his recent tweets Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb is fed up with Xbox users repeatedly asking him on social media about whether or not Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be made available via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One.

Major Nelson Black Ops 2

Activision’s best selling shooter has been the most requested Xbox 360 game to receive backwards compatibility for a number of months, with over 200,000 user votes. After a series of fake tweets indicating Black Ops 2 was backwards compatible, Major Nelson has been slammed with users demanding to know when the game is scheduled to be updated with backwards compatibility support. Take a look at some of his recent tweets where he requests users to “stop asking” about the release as he had no information to share:

After those tweets were sent out, Larry decided to respond to the question by redirecting users to the game’s Wikipedia page. That certainly wasn’t helpful for fans but eventually cooler heads prevailed and he directed users to an FAQ on his official website that explains coordinated fan tweets will have no bearing on whether a game is updated to include backwards compatibility.