Kojima’s Compulsion to Make Games: “I Just Can’t Stop”

Despite the Thoughts toward Leaving the Industry, Kojima Admittedly Can’t Stop Himself

Thirty years later, the Metal Gear Solid mastermind is still at it. Despite all the daunting tasks and downturns on the creative road, 53 year old Hideo Kojima is still making games. And recently, he expressed his endless drive to Sugoi Japan.


“For the past 30 years I’ve created video games, and though it’s a grueling task, I just can’t stop. I thought that working alone may give me a way out, but I just can’t seem to run away from it. Even when I am cornered, there’s an urge in me to keep creating something more exciting, new and something the world has never seen before. This is probably the reason I’m still doing this at the age of 53.”

As many fans might be aware, Kojima’s sour fallout with Konami has led to his recruitment by Sony. Now he’s head of a reinvigorated Kojima Productions, and has the world waiting with baited breath for his next title, Death Stranding. Konami may be one downturn in his career, what might even be the “run away” his comments allude to. But at the least, he has not stumbled with his games. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain represents a technical marvel and one of the most jam-packed experiences of this gaming generation. Now that he’s got Sony Interactive and a full studio at his back, it seems his optimism is reaching new heights. “I have the world’s best people and technology, and am able to use them in my games.”


Thus, Kojima’s Death Stranding will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive IP. Details are scarce, but we understand it will be an open-world game. The fan-favorite creator is sure keep us updated, albeit with abstract details. But that’s part of what makes it fun.

Furthermore, we learned that Kojima’s game engine, KojiPro, is his own team’s take on Guerilla Games’ Decima engine. Guerilla Games, as you know, is geared to release Horizon Zero Dawn in North America, February 28. As far as we can tell, the two studios maintain an open line.

Expect more on studios, games, and the industry from COGconnected. We have a short road to Horizon Zero Dawn, and a really long road to Death Stranding, but we’ll keep you updated. Happy gaming.