Gods, Barbarians, and Beasts – Conan Exiles is Out Now on Steam

Explore the Lands of the Legendary Barbarian and Fulfill Your Ruthless Role

Developer Funcom is happy to announce the release of their great sandbox world inspired by the mythos of Conan. So drink, be merry, and begin your journey through a restless realm of undying carnage. With Conan Exiles, you’ll join thousands of players in an unforgiving environment. Fight monsters, minions, scum of the earth, and team up for the toughest boss battles a barbarian world can offer. Among them, the the gods themselves. Watch the launch trailer now:

Funcom recently announced the arrival time and price of Conan Exiles along with a cadre of bonus merchandise. Developers are extremely enthusiastic about its release and have worked with Dark Horse comics to deliver a fully realized world of barbarism and the supernatural. “After over twenty-four years in the business and over thirty titles released, we are excited to be launching our very first Early Access game,” says Funcom CEO Rui Casais. And this is only day one; developers eagerly look to more engaging content for players as they slowly unravel the offerings of Conan. A better experience lies on every horizon.

conan exiles skulls and blood

For additional details on Conan Exiles, you can check out the new website, www.conanexiles.com. There will be non-stop updates geared towards refining gameplay as things get underway.

Play Conan Exiles right now on Steam Early Access. $29.99 gets you in, and $59.99 gets you a range bonus digital and physical goodies. But as you traverse the wildlands of barbarians, don’t forget to check back for all the latest gaming news. Good luck, barbarians. But you probably don’t need luck if you have an axe.

SOURCE: Press Release