Super Nintendo World Coming to Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World Attraction Has New Snazzy Concept Art

Nintendo of America announced Super Nintendo World, their future theme park attraction, on Twitter this evening. The park is scheduled to open by 2020, when the Olympics will be in Tokyo.

super nintendo world top screen

Nintendo has previously revealed their intentions to bring these attractions to all three major Universal Studios locations. With this announcement, it’s merely a matter of time before further development plans are unveiled. With few details available regarding content, the possibilities are endless. Will there be rides? Shows? Powerups? What other games will feature at these parks? The concept art is all Mario, but what about their other properties? A Legend of Zelda attraction featuring vases to smash and fearsome beasts to slay? Or perhaps a Donkey Kong attraction in commemoration of their landmark legal victory?

Regardless of which properties end up in Universal’s theme parks, Super Nintendo World is sure to be a hit. So long as there’s a Legend of Zelda section. Or at least a real-life version of Mario Kart. At the very least, there should be Yoshis to ride. Or a Kirby-themed buffet. Metroid laser tag? Nintendo has a wide variety of options available. Let us know what needs to be in these parks in the comments below.

SOURCE: The Verge