Capcom Leak Reveals A New Brand For Rage Quitters

Street Fighter V Rage Quitters Beware, Capcom Plans To Announce Your Quitting Ways.

It is known that Street Fighter V is expecting a big patch Dec 20th. But it seems, whether accidental or not, Capcom has revealed some of the content that is incoming with their next patch. The Street Fighter V leak shows there are a few new features, most notable being a specially branded icon for rage quitters.

Street Fighter V Version 1.03 HERO

Capcom recently released a new test beta that went live on Steam, however, they failed to password protect it. Fans and players being the industrious creatures we are, quickly delved into it for information. Eventually, Capcom locked it, but enough time had passed that Street Fighter V leak had made it to Reddit. A user NeoGAF even managed to score some screen shots. They show that the menu icons are updated, the music selection changed, and there is the potential to have the character Azam as playable at some point.

Street Fighter V Leak

But more importantly, we see the penalty for leaving a match early. Since its release back in Feb 2016, Street Fighter V and Capcom have been trying to work out the various ways to make the game smoother. They have also actively gone to war against players who leave matches early. Players might do this in order to deny a defeat and maintain their overall rank. Capcom said back in Feb that they were actively working on a permanent solution. As a result, they have since tried temporarily banning people, penalized quitters League Points, and now actively making players look foolish.

screen shot of new Street fighter V patch

So seems like rage quitters will be receiving a handy marker, that identify them to others in the Matchmaking system. In addition, players who never quit matches will also receive an icon. Supposedly this will assist in making it easier for players with the same markers to battle each other. Which in theory seems like a great idea, players are often very connected to their online profiles. But it begs the question, would you ever battle anyone after seeing the negative icon?

What do you guys think? Will this help with the premature match endings? Let us know in the comments down below!