The Nintendo Switch Battery Will Not Be User Removable

The Nintendo Switch Battery Will Not Be Able to Be Removed by Users, Leaving No Possibility for an Upgrade

Unlike the easily installed higher capacity battery replacement that we got with the Wii U Gamepad, it looks like users won’t be able to upgrade the Nintendo Switch battery capacity at all… because it can’t be removed. Although a recently published Federal Communications Commission report gives us very little insight on the unreleased specs of the Nintendo Switch, we do get some more information about the technical hardware specifications of the “production prototype” before it hits the shelves in March of 2017.

Nintendo Switch battery

In these specifications, carefully tucked away under the codename of HAC-001, we see that the Switch will have 802.11ac wifi and Bluetooth functionality, but we also see the report stating “Battery is built into the EUT, and the user can’t remove the battery.”

So if those rumors of the Nintendo Switch only having three hours of battery life are true, this is some concerning news for consumers interested in purchasing the new Nintendo product.