Party Hard getting Local Multiplayer, Twitch vs Streamer Mode, and New Story

Party Harder With the Upcoming Update to Party Hard 

Party Hard Logo

It was recently announced that Party Hard will be getting a huge update titled “Party Harder”. The update adds new features to the main game, and introduces a new story DLC. Check out the trailer for the new update and what it will bring to the game below:

Quick-details & links

  • Large update coming to Steam Thursaday November 10th
  • Expands twitch integration, adds local multiplayer, new levels & more
  • Features a Youtube-safe OST
  • iOS & Google Play versions launching November 10th
Updates to the main game
  • Local Co-Op — All campaign levels are playable in local co-op
  • New OST — Youtube-safe
  • New Twitch System — allows chat to control NPCs during the game, featuring a cross-stream points system
Story DLC
  • 10 years after the events of Party Hard, the Party Hard Killer is up to a new adventure
  • Features a new mini-story campaign and several large, scrollable levels
OST will be purchasable 
  • Rewritten OST for Party Hard and it will be purchasable
  • The initial OST will still be in the game as an option, the issue with it is license copyright strikes on Youtube – all is good now

For more information, check out the game on Steam.