Master of Orion Gets Massive Update, Including Mod Support

Master of Orion Update Details

Following the 20th anniversary of Master of Orion 2, WG Labs and NGD Studios have announced that the latest update for Master of Orion is here! The update provides a better playing experience for all and is a free, albeit large, update to the game.

Master of Orion Update

The latest update offers an abundance of changes! Included are improvements to the artificial intelligence in the game, tactical combat and some of the controls. There are also changes to user interface and mechanics of play, the latter of which drastically impacts both gravity and pollute planet. Did we mention the update was large? On top of the changes already stated, the update provides cinematics upon death and polished animations throughout.

Probably the most anticipated part of this update is the addition of modification support to Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars. This means that players can now create, share and install modifications using the Steam Workshop. This update is set to change gameplay drastically, while allowing players to customize as they see fit. While the modifications in the Steam Workshop are currently limited, it has been announced that more will be released. For a full list of changes, read through the patch notes on Steam.

To update Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars to the latest version, simply run the game, and the process will begin automatically. With this all important and game changing update, anyone on the fence about playing Master of Orion can check out the game at Happy conquering!

Source: Press Release