Overwatch Leak Appears to Reveal New Hero and Mysterious Halloween Event

New Overwatch Leak

If it isn’t apparent already, Blizzard has hit a homerun with Overwatch. Since the game’s debut, Overwatch players have logged some seriously massive amounts of playtime. Within a few days of release the Overwatch player count was a whopping 7 million people already playing the title. Three weeks in, it hit the 10-million mark. Naturally, with its popularity, sexy Overwatch cosplay has become a thing at gaming conventions everywhere. Lately, Blizzard has been teasing Overwatch’s upcoming content but the developers have not released anything official yet. Today; however, we learned that plans for the game’s next hero and event have supposedly leaked online.

Overwatch Patch

As seen in the image below, the leak claims that Overwatch’s next hero, Sombra, will be a female hacker with a background in Mexican gangs. With a lightweight physique and small submachine gun, Sombra is expected to be a faster-paced hero with hacking and covert, maybe stealth-like abilities.


Unfortunately, the original source has since been taken down; however, the Overwatch community has begun piecing together what remains of the leak. The exposed information focuses on what appears to be a part of the games upcoming update, including a limited-time Halloween event. The leaked image also refers to a new game mode, which pits players against ‘Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies’. This is supported by a coinciding leak of an upcoming comic, which features a number of the game’s characters with Halloween-themed skins. This is likely a component of the rumoured Halloween update, which is expected to rollout in the coming weeks.

As always with leaks of this sort, you need to take it with a pinch of salt, but the Sombra artwork in particular seems pretty legit while matching both previous leaks and in-game teases.

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