Titillating Body Paint Brings Comic Book and Video Game Heroes to Life

Kay Pike’s Body Paint is Sexy and Superb

Kay Pike’s Facebook page describes her as an entertainer, and an artist but she is more than that. She’s a magician! One look at her bodypaint and we are simply blown away with how incredible it looks. She is recognized for her unique take on body painting and it shows. Take a look at the first image below:

Body Paint

Pretty impressive and amazingly detailed work. She spends hours upon hours painting herself to perfection. Her Twitch channel is hugely popular and one look at the pictures and you can see why.

Body paint

On Dec 8th 2015, Kay Pike put her Colossal Titan bodypaint up on Reddit. By the next morning it had reached the top post position. Since then, she has had a half dozen more body paints show up on the front page of Reddit, and has been featured by BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, The Chive, The Telegraph, Techmundo, Tech Insider, and Business Insider, just to name a few.

Body Paint

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