Three New Titles in the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

Three New Titles in the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

There was a quiet announcement a couple of days back for the three newest games in the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility collection. One can only assume there was no big kerfuffle due to the actual games that were offered up. Brace yourselves boys and girls, ladies and gents, geeks and nerds and hold on to your butts… this is a big one!

First up, the April 2011 MEGA-HIT, Nin2-Jump! This is an adventure game where the player must become a great ninja master in order to rescue Princess Sakura. Available for a mere $4.99 you can now be a master ninja on your Xbox One.

nin2-jump xbox one backwards compatibility

Second game of the bunch takes us all the way back to the year 1981 when it was first released in arcades by Namco,  Rally X. This version of the game came to the Xbox Live Arcade in December 06 as New Rally X. The NEW makes it better! If you’ve got a hankering to get your retro racing on, now you can!

New Rally X Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Last of the three is Mr. Driller Online, a colorful puzzle game from Bandai Namco (well Namco Bandai at the time) that was released in April 08 to the Xbox Live Arcade. Plagued by glitches, Mr. Driller Online was actually nominated for Gamespot’s flat-out worst game of the year after it was released. That would explain the little to NO fanfare for this round of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility titles.

Mr Driller Online Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

There you have it, folks. A mostly underwhelming round of games for BackCompat, but who know what’s around the bend for the next announcement! Keep it locked to COGconnected for more as we get ’em in.