VRNinja Coming to Oculus Rift July 16th

With virtual reality now in our grasps, training to become a ninja isn’t such a crazy thing anymore. OutOfBounds Software Solutions Inc. and MADSOFT Games, inc. are proud to announce that the upcoming virtual reality game, VRNinja, will be launching on the Oculus Store this July 2016. Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, VRNinja transports players to a world where they must dodge and duck their way past swarms of flying, deadly ninja weapons in order to survive.

To celebrate VRNinja’s upcoming release, they have put together a short trailer showcasing VRNinja’s gameplay and its three immersive environments.


Two intense modes of play: Test your skills in the wave-based Campaign Mode or ramp up the challenge in the endless Arcade Mode!

Three beautiful Japanese-inspired environments: Experience the peaceful dojo, steamy hot springs, and spooky night levels! Each new area presents new challenging obstacles and distractions to keep you on your toes.

Four deadly ninjutsu weapons: Dodge past the straight-flying Kunai, the twisting Rockets, the curving Shuriken, and the explosive Kunai Bombs!

Super slow-mo ramen power: Nab a bowl of steamy, delicious ramen to slow down time temporarily!

Pick up and play controls: You only need an Oculus Rift to get started; no additional controllers or peripherals required!


It’s time to hone your skills and train to become a ninja. For further information, you can check out their official website.

SOURCE: Press Release