God of War 4 To Have a Norse Setting? Viking Kratos Could Be a Thing!? OH JOY!

It looks like NeoGAF super insider, Shinobi602 is at it again. Just last week he revealed that we may be in for a super futuristic, space themed Call of Duty for 2016 and now he’s hinting at a Nordic themed God of War 4.

Valhalla (1)

In a series of tweets, the famed insider (who has been know to be extremely reliable in the past) made suggestions that we will indeed see the legendary Kratos enter the halls of Valhalla.

Rumours have been rampant that Sony Santa Monica was considering a change of pace for the franchise and if Shinobi602 is on point then it looks like we’ll finally see it. At this point of course, Sony Santa Monice is being pretty quiet on the whole situation. It’s very likely that the next we’ll hear of this is at E3 in less than three months.

What’s your thoughts? Would this make a good setting for Kratos’ next murder spree? et us know in the comments.