Track Listing and Availability for Tom Clancy’s The Division Official Soundtrack

It looks like Amazon has put up listings for both the physical and digital versions of the official Tom Clancy’s The Division soundtrack. If you are interested, you can preorder the soundtrack in physical CD version or as a digital download.

According to Amazonm the soundtrack was done in-house at Ubisoft Massive by Ola Strandh (Ground Control II & World In Conflict). To create the mood of a post-apocalyptic New York City, he used a mix of “synthesizers, percussion and acoustic instruments.”

Ubisoft Massive’s in-house composer, Ola Strandh (World In Conflict, Ground Control II) has created the soundtrack for the pandemic-ravaged streets of a post-apocalyptic New York City. Immerse yourself in a moody mixture of synthesizers, percussion and acoustic instruments designed to complement the diverse locations and factions you’ll encounter while exploring what’s left of Manhattan.

Division Soundtrack

In total, the soundtrack features 18 songs listed below:

  1. Prologue
  2. We Are The Division
  3. Precinct Siege
  4. The Garden
  5. Dyer
  6. Safehouse
  7. Mortuary
  8. Times Square
  9. Grand Central
  10. Lexington
  11. Mall Rats
  12. Skyline
  13. Amherst
  14. Ferro
  15. Power Plant
  16. The Academy
  17. Bliss
  18. Dark Zone

The digital download version of the soundtrack will be released on March 8th while the CD will release on the 22nd.

SOURCE: Amazon