PlayStation VR Already Hitting Ebay at Upwards of $700

You can probably chalk this one up in the ‘not much of a surprise’ category, but the demand for Sony’s soon to be released PlayStation VR has hit such a fever pitch that the overseas pre-orders are already floating around Ebay at prices of nearly $700. While there is still some supply in the UK, many countries have long sold out of the pre-orders. One particular vendor who was still able to guarantee release day delivery has sold the PSVR headset for a whopping £475 ($687 USD) and that doesn’t even include the needed camera that will have to be purchased separately.


With pre-orders hitting North America on Tuesday it’s likely only a matter of time before we see the same thing on our shores. Demand for the well priced venture into VR has gotten fans very excited so demand will certainly be high. If you plan on trying to get one for release day you better be on your toes this Tuesday!