Pop Fizz and Splat Join Skylanders Cast Ahead of Superchargers Release


At a recent event in Albany, NY to check out Skylanders Superchargers, we were lucky enough to see 2 brand new additions to the Skylanders family, each with a corresponding vehicle. With well over 200 characters in the Skylanders stable, you’d think the creative minds at Vicarious Visions would start to run out of ideas. Not the case – fans ought to be very pleased with what’s in store for the Skylanders franchise this year.



A tough little artist, Splat wields a staff with paintbrushes on each end. As such, she’s able to inflict a rainbow of pain on her enemies. Being a bit animalistic in nature, she can also summon various creatures (like Billy Goats) to aid her in battle. Splat is a character that might be considered ‘girly’ in a traditional sense, but provides a unique play experience that will appeal to players of all ages and persuasions.

Splatter Splasher


You wanna go fast? Splatter Splasher is all about speed – from the sleek design the huge centre mounted intake, this boat screams speed. Of course, all that speed has an effect on handling, but it’s still perfect for point and shoot racing challenges. Like all the Supercharger vehicles players will be able to modify the S.S. to suit their favorite play style.

Big Bubble Pop Fizz


One of the 10 ‘old’ Skylanders who have been reimagined for Superchargers, the VV team challenged themselves to make Pop Fizz new and exciting. So, they gave him a tuba, which blows musical potions out of it. There are three colours of potions with varying effects, so players will have plenty of experimenting to do with the new iteration of Pop Fizz. On top of that, Pop Fizz has an animal form with an equally wide variety of abilities.

Soda Skimmer


This hovercraft is designed specifically to handle like a dream, floating atop the water’s surface. The team really went to town experimenting with materials in this year’s toys, and Soda Skimmer sports soft and rubbery pontoons. PSA: we asked about putting vehicles in the bathtub, and the answer was a resounding “don’t do that”. Although they trialled floatable boats, in the end it didn’t make sense from an engineering and manufacturing perspective.

Plenty more characters remain behind the shroud — stay tuned for more reveals soon!