New PvE Mode Announced for Orcs Must Die! Unchained – Testing Begins Today

Robot Entertainment announced that ORCS MUST DIE! UNCHAINED will include a brand-new PvE mode called Endless. Orcs Zeek and Iggy have kicked off their Endless Summer vacation with a trip across Eidelon to discover the perfect minion wave 

The closed beta of ORCS MUST DIE! UNCHAINED has been updated with a ton of changes but the most significant update is the inclusion of a PvE mode to the third-person multiplayer action game. Beta testers will be able to try out this mode today.

In Endless, gamers team up with up to four other players, as they set up and build traps to defend against waves of minions that  march forward to destroy their rift. This is a lot like old school Orcs Must Die!

Here are some new details about Endless mode:

  • All players will spawn in, and will be given a short period of time to set up their initial trap box.
  • Unchained Meter!
    • This is a new mechanic. By getting combos (killing minions in conjunction with traps), your team fills the ‘Unchained Meter’. When this bar is full, you become UNCHAINED! Being Unchained increases your damage and reduces your cooldowns for a few seconds. It also gives you a bump of mana and health!
    • Offense Heroes contribute more to the Unchained Meter, and will stay Unchained longer once it triggers!
  • After a few waves, new War Camps will open, and send multiple lanes of enemies. Work together to fend off the hordes. The game is over if 25 Rift Points worth of minions make it into your Rift.
  • If you die, you have the option to buy back in immediately with Coin earned in game!
  • Leadership isn’t needed, so you won’t be earning any in this game mode.
  • There are various special waves and sometimes bosses that will spawn.
  • Your hero will level up to Battle Level 20, but the Weaver upgrades still stop at Level 8, just like in normal PvP.
  • Endless is only available through matchmaking for right now, but party support will come later.
  • Clearing Wave 12 in Endless Mode is considered a ‘win’ for Hero Victories!
  • There is a leaderboard so you can see how your score compares!

There’s a ton of other changes and additions to the game in today’s closed beta patch. If you’re familiar with ORCS MUST DIE! UNCHAINED, you can read the detailed patch notes here.

There is also a great overview on what is new in the closed beta in the video below: