Daedalic Entertainment Bringing 3 New Titles to E3 2015

Daedalic has managed to turn itself from a very small, obscure publisher to one of the biggest supporters of indie games in the business. Titles ranging from the Deponia series to Blackguards to Divinity: Original Sin they have amassed an impressive line-up of games. This year as part of their journey across the pond to E3 they’ll be unveiling three new titles.

First, there’s “Bounty Train” from Corbie Games — an open world train-RTS with a twist:  it’s like “the spirit of the American Frontier and the Wild West meets FTL and Pirates!” –in a Civil War setting with historically accurate steam trains and the possibility to save Abraham Lincoln. Wait, what?!

Second up is “Valhalla Hills” from strategy-and-simulation experts Funatics. Valhalla Hills is a rogue-like building sim where you manage your very own Viking civilization. Stranded on one of an infinite selection of islands, you need to build homes, gather food and craft all sorts of goods, then ultimately lead your Vikings to the top of the highest mountain so they can enter Valhalla!

Last but not least: there’s “Skyhill”, a noir survival rogue-like game by Mandragora Team. Skyhill puts you in the shoes of a hotel guest, who’s having a lovely night in the penthouse suite. Suddenly everything goes to hell (literally), with grotesque mutants roaming the halls. Your only hope is to explore the building, grabbing items to reinforce your room and, of course, trying to stay alive. Will you dare to escape? Or will you just fortify your penthouse? Is the world outside the Skyhill hotel any better than the one within?