Vampyr Video Review – Bloody Brilliant, Mate

Vampyr Video Review

It has been quite some time since we had a solid story putting you, the player, in the spot of a compelling vampire struggling with moral decision. Vampyr has been quietly on the radar as die hard fans have been waiting for it to release and the day has finally arrived. With a dark and interesting plot kicking off right from the start, players must not only uncover the truth of how they became a creature of the night, but know that each action you take will have dire consequences on the game itself and your surroundings. Set to a fantastic historical backdrop in London, Vampyr has the right blend of elements to earn the hype its been receiving since its announcement. For a full look our thoughts on the game, check out our video review below.

Vampyr is a semi-open world RPG set in London during the Great War. Players will take control of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a war doctor who awakens to discover the curse is already upon him. Not knowing why he was brought back to life, Dr. Reid sets out on a quest to learn the truth and sate his hunger for blood. Vampyr offers a complex moral element of which we haven’t seen before. Every character you encounter can be drained of blood for your benefit, with each characters blood offering different qualities depending on their personal health. Their deaths, however, will adversely affect the game depending on their social standing or how they directly influence the lives of others. Whats more, to unlock Dr. Reid’s vampiric abilities you’ll need that blood, so draining an innocent person becomes a balancing act between what you need and what that persons death will do to their borough.


Vampyr is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information, check out the game’s official website.