Pyre Video Review – A Beautiful Gem of Strategy and Pathos

Pyre Video Review

Developer Supergiant Games set the bar impressively high with their previous title, Bastion; a critically acclaimed action RPG with an art style like never seen before. Supergiant Games has again stepped forward, bringing us an incredibly captivating story of redemption, pathos, and a beautiful and unmistakable world. Pyre is a story of exiles trying to find freedom from their imprisonment in the Downside, a hauntingly beautiful purgatory. Check out our video review below for the details.

Pyre gives players a deep and unique cast of characters from across multiple races, all exiled to the Downside. The party is tasked with completing the Rites: a unique sport-like combat system comprised of teams of three, where orbs must be taken to the enemies Pyre to advance. It’s an interesting combat mechanic for a game like this, and its incredibly satisfying to mix and match your party for the necessary edge to win and advance in the Downside. The game is full of rich story and history to learn, with incredible depth and captivating narrative that draws you into the world.


Supergiant Games’ party-RPG Pyre is available now on PC and PlayStation 4. Let us know what you think of the game on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.