PAX West 2017: Hands-On With Square Enix Japan – Secret of Mana to Lost Sphear

Going Hands-On With the Next Big Square Enix Titles

At PAX West 2017, COGconnected was invited by Square Enix to check out some of their biggest upcoming titles. I went hands on with Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, Secret of Mana, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT while Alexander Thomas went hands on with Lost Sphear, and his impressions are within as well. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into these promising Square Enix titles.

Lost Sphear


Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV – PSVR – November 21, 2017

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is a virtual reality fishing simulation game on the PSVR that takes place in Final Fantasy XV’s world of Eos. Players will meet and interact with the main characters of the original title while fishing in various locations and attempting to land the “Monster”. The game utilizes two move controllers in order to imitate the casting of the line and reeling in of the fish.

Officially my first VR experience, Monster of the Deep was a treat given my enjoyment of the base material, Final Fantasy XV. I was greeted by one of the main characters, Prompto, as I arrived at the fishing hole, and was promptly given a fishing rod. From there, I was left to my own devices and to catch fish as I see fit. The controls were responsive and the actions reflected what I expected in terms of casting my line and reeling in the big one. The demo was a bit easy but left me feeling that the complete title will be an enjoyable PSVR experience. With nice visuals, responsive motion controls, and as an extension to the FFXV universe, Monster of the Deep has the potential to be the next “must have” PSVR title.

Secret of Mana – PS4, PS Vita – February 15, 2018

Originally released in 1993, Secret of Mana is an action RPG that follows a small group battling an empire to reclaim the power of Mana and restore order to the world. The game features 3D graphics similar to that of Adventures of Mana, audio updates, a new score, and of course, three player local cooperative play.

Though I have never had the pleasure of experiencing the original title, Secret of Mana instantly drew me in with familiar graphics. Secret of Mana features the same art style as Adventures of Mana, which I found to be very easy on the eyes. The gameplay was responsive and the music really stood out in a positive way. There were a couple minor hiccups but the game is still in development, and these hiccups should undoubtedly be cured before release. Our very own Alexander Thomas, who has experienced the original, saw the game and expressed that it looks to be quite faithful to the original. Launching in February 2018, Secret of Mana looks to be a great way for contemporary gamers to experience a classic.

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