5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started ‘God of War’

Here are 5 things I wish I knew before I started God of War…

Well, the God of War reviews are in, and as you have probably heard, they are stellar. This is not only every bit the God of War game we were hoping for, it is the best ever. We at COGconnected envy you, Dear Readers, because come Friday you’ll get your hands on the game and be able to experience the awesomeness with fresh eyes, for the first time. So in honor of that occasion, I have prepared a special list of 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started God of War – don’t worry, no spoilers here, just a list of tips to help you get the most out of your experience with one of 2018’s best games.

1. Take Your Time

It is well known by now that God of War is presented as one continuous shot. There’s no stopping for cut-scenes here – story and gameplay sequences meld together seamlessly without pauses. And that’s awesome, except that you’ll often feel pressure to keep moving the story forward, and that’s only more encouraged by your son Atreus, who will run ahead and look back at you, as if to say “are you coming?!” But you know what? Resist the urge. Let Atreus wait, and take all the time you need to search every nook and cranny for whatever treasure awaits you. Swing your new Leviathan Axe at everything that looks like it might break – it just might be hiding a secret wall. God of War is a much more open world than its predecessors, and Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has worked hard to hide treasure chests, or secret locations that might be completely missed if you rush through the game too fast. This is definitely one game that you’ll want to put some time into, so make the most of it.

2. Explore the Lake of Nine

God of War is based around a Hub – The Lake of Nine, a vast body of water which you’ll come to know very well as you make your way through the main quest. As you paddle around, pursuing your various objectives, be sure to take time out and explore all the areas that this vast world has to offer. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did – there are a host of goodies, right there for the taking, that can bring huge benefits. From rare items, to crafting resources, to special Side Quests, there’s a ton of rewards you can get from just wandering around. While some will only become available once you reach a certain level, many of them are open to you at any time, and can raise your stats or give you other instant benefits – so take advantage of them!

god of war

3. Know the Upgrade and Customization System

God of War brings a host of new layers of upgrading and customization, and you should learn it as early in the game as you can. Hacksilver is a form of in-game currency that you’ll pick up by opening chests and destroying crates and other objects. It can be used to craft and to upgrade your armor and weapons. On the water, make sure to also paddle into barrels – they contain lots of Hacksilver and other valuables as well. Some chests also give you crafting materials, like Svartalheim Steel. These are needed for specific crafting and upgrading recipes. Bottom line: determine what resources you need and use them often to craft and upgrade gear to make Kratos the most effective killing machine he can be.

Likewise, XP is your key to unlocking new skills for Kratos and Atreus. Don’t horde XP – use it right away to open up new moves, and make sure to remember the button combinations to utilize them in combat. A huge part of the God of War experience is employing Kratos’ beautiful, deadly choreography – so make sure to keep his repertoire up to date.

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