7 Reasons Why You Need Jump Into The Souls Series

A List of Reasons Why You Need To Try The Souls Series

FromSoftware’s Souls games – Bloodborne included – have been widely deemed and known to be some of the most grueling and difficult of the RPG genre. Whether it’s Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2, 3, or even Bloodborne, they’re all out to murder you and make your playthrough a memorable one. While the inevitable deaths are well-known, there’s so much more that’ll put you in a love/hate relationship and even make you question if you’re a masochist. The Souls games put you on a roller coaster ride that you just can’t seem to leave making them unique and truly one-of-a-kind experiences. Simply put, the Souls series extends beyond just its difficulty, which is why we’re giving you 7 reasons to jump into them right now.

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1. Combat

Players know all too well that going into a fight involves a ton of brutal and masochistic slashes and stabs (if not poison spews or elemental projectiles). The beauty of the combat mechanics is that you’ll either spend countless minutes or a second to defeat the same type of enemy on different tries. This can be adjusted by using your terrain, effective weaponry, timed rolls, and correct armor. Heck, sometimes the enemies just go guns blazing so a dynamic and malleable approach to each enemy – old or new – is key. It’s sort of a “realistic” approach to combat that’ll force you to conserve your endurance and use your Estus Flasks, Blood Vials or Grass wisely.

2. Fat Roll

Speaking of realism, the Souls games force you to manage your equipment or suffer. Each item you equip to your character has an allotted weight so if you equip an abundance of heavy items, you’ll be doing the signature fat roll. Of course, depending on your play style, rolling may not be ideal if you choose to be a tanky armored character. Nevertheless, the enemies hit damn hard throughout the games so rolling (even fat rolling) could save you from death.

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3. Bonfires

Since you’ll do tons (and I mean TONS) of dying while playing a Souls game, there’s got to be a special and significant way to respawn. That’s where the bonfires come in. A rush of euphoria and huge relief is what you’ll experience when finding a bonfire as it signifies that you’re progressing in the game, you’ll respawn closer to where you’re exploring, and that you get to refill your flasks, travel to other bonfires, and ultimately have peace and quiet until you decide to return or progress. Trust me, there’s no better feeling than finding a bonfire.

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