Insomniac’s Got an Open World Sci-Fi VR Game in the Works

Insomniac Is Not Only Working on Superhero Games but Sci-Fi as Well

With the amount of attention they’re investing in Marvel’s Spider-Man, it’s easy to forget that developer Insomniac Games has a penchant for delivering unique IPs. While the studio has substantial resources vested in the PlayStation exclusive, they also have a VR title in the works. A new video from the team, titled “Reclaim Your World,” delivers an overview of past projects alongside a brief glimpse of their next.

Insomniac Games Edge of Nowhere

Insomniac Games is currently working on a sci-fi VR title, and it is coming to the Oculus Rift. Apparently, more information pertaining to the mysterious title will be revealed on June 7th. For now, the studio claims the experience will involve the community and will bring an unprecedented level of freedom for a VR game. Moreover, the freedom of an open world will be accompanied by a compelling story.

“In this new project, you’ll be able to go wherever you want,” says Nina Fricker, Lead Technical Animator at Insomniac. The team is utilizing what lesson’s they’ve learned from past projects, like The Unspoken and Sunset Overdrive, and applying them here. What will this equate to in the end? Only time will tell, but this seemingly quells all chances of seeing Sunset Overdrive 2 anytime soon.

Keep it locked for additional news from Insomniac Games, VR or otherwise. We’ll have more details on all projects as they’re unveiled. Especially, stay tuned for updates coming out of E3 2018.

SOURCE: GamingBolt