Meryl Sama’s Sensational Cosplay Renews Our Love for Metal Gear Solid

Pure Fire Inspired by Beloved Metal Gear Characters

Time to double down on some great cosplay inspired by a legendary property. Everyone is familiar with or in love with Metal Gear, and the same is true of our latest cosplay talent. This week, we’re bringing the amazing work of Gaia Sanetti. Known throughout various geekdoms as Meryl Sama, she is an Italian-based cosplayer who has devoted much of her wardrobe to realizing the femme fatales of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. From the first game to The Phantom Pain, we’ve brought a great selection of some of her finest work. So, drop down, share, and stick around for some beautiful assets.

Meryl Sama Metal Gear Solid Cosplay

Yes, that is a gender-bending Bigg Boss

A Quiet lakeside view

Be very, very Quiet

No one can understand how Kojima gets his ideas

A stunning point of interest

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