Daniel Vavra, Creative Director of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Cancels Speaking Appearance

Vavra Was Allegedly Harassed on Social Media

Daniel Vavra, the creative director of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, has cancelled a planned speaking appearance at a gaming industry conference due to receiving “serious insults through social networks”, according to the founder of the organization that’s hosting the event.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance hero

“We respect his decission [sic] but we are sorry to miss his interesting insights about the development of one of the best European games this year,” the founder, Ivan Lobo, added.

Vavra has been accused of being racist in the past due to his ardent support of Gamergate and last Thursday he denied several more accusations of being a Neo-Nazi.

The conference, “Gamelab Barcelona 2018“, is hosted by a non-profit organization called “Gamelab” and features several well-known gaming industry figures, such as Amy Hennig and Mark Cerny, as speakers. The event is scheduled for June 27th and will end on the 29th.

“Gamelab events connect and inspire the next generation of digital creators to shape the future of digital interactive experiences and environments,” read the description on the official website.

Though he won’t be attending the upcoming Gamelab conference, Vavra will be speaking about world design at a conference held in Krakow, Poland on Monday.

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