Code: Realize Limited Editions Now Available

Proclaim Your Choice of Best Boy With Delicious Merch

Victorian boy dating sim Code: Realize is getting two different limited editions, both of which are out right now! Depending on whether you prefer your boys on PS4 or the Vita, you’ll still have a chance to grab a merched-up version of this charming Victorian dating sim!

Code: Realize Limited Editions

The Vita version comes with Future Blessings, a cloth banner, chibi buttons and character art. The PS4 version includes both Future Blessings and Guardian of Rebirth, along with all of the aforementioned boy-based merchandise. Once again, it seems like Vita owners are getting the slightly shorter end of the stick here. It’s a great system, you guys! It shouldn’t feel like second place just because it’s portable!

For those not in the know, Code: Realize takes place in Victorian London. You play Cardia, a young woman afflicted by a rare disease that makes all physical contact with her instantly lethal. You’re pursued by the Royal Guard while also being pursued (but in like, a sexy way) by various beautiful figures from the best of western literature. Some are pretty famous, like Victor Frankenstein. Others I absolutely can’t recognize, like Barbicane. Does this mean I have to give back my Bachelor of Arts in English Lit? You can order both versions of Code: Realize here.

SOURCE: Press Release