There’s a Lot More Floor Kids Content Coming Your Way

New Features, Modes, Venues, and Tracks Are Heading to Floor Kids Hopefully Soon

When we reviewed Floor Kids last month one of our criticisms was that there wasn’t much to do after the short single-player campaign. However, according to a tweet by Kid Koala — who developed the awesome hip-hop soundtrack — new content is being planned for the stylish breakdancing rhythm game.

Floor Kids screenshot 1280x

In his tweet, he urges folks to stay tuned before announcing that new features, modes, venues, and new tracks with special guests are in the works. It is unclear if the new content will arrive through a free update or paid DLC. As we mentioned above, Floor Kids could certainly use a bit more meat on its bones. Thankfully, the fun and infectious gameplay steal the show and it sounds like the dev team is serious about keeping the game fresh.

Floor Kids revolves around players selecting a b-boy or b-girl to earn high scores across various venues. The game has a unique and simple control scheme that is easy to pick up but has a level of depth that will keep high score-getters coming back for more.

Floor Kids is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Here’s what we said about it in our launch review:

“Floor Kids is a welcome addition to the Switch library. It happens to be one of the freshest gaming experiences I’ve had in a while thanks to its superb visuals, funky soundtrack, and fun-to-play mechanics. At its most basic, Floor Kids is a fun music rhythm game that’s easy to grasp. But if you dig deeper, it transforms into a more complex and challenging one that will take you by surprise. Floor Kids is something new, different, and original — and that should be reason enough to give this one a try.”