Cyberpunk 2077’s Official Twitter Breaks Silence [1st Message Since 2013]

Impending Cyberpunk News Incoming?

Leave this site if you get angry easily. If you’re very, very excited for CD Projekt RED’s next project, the hairs on your skin may rise a little bit. While this may seem like nothing major, Cyberpunk 2077’s official Twitter account recently broke the silence by composing its very first tweet since 2013.

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2013 is the very same year that CDPR debuted Cyberpunk 2077, delivering an evocative trailer that previewed the world and atmosphere. Ever since then, the Polish developer has remained tight-lipped, nay, insulated about everything coming out of their studio. But after four years, the game’s official Twitter account broke silence to address the excited fanbase. You’ll find the detailed tweet below:

Wow… This could actually be nothing. Alternatively, the tweet could mean that a big reveal is coming our way. 2018 may be the year that CDPR is willing to show something that’s Cyberpunk 2077-related. Might it be too much to ask for gameplay footage? Whatever, just give us something. With Witcher 3 finished and out of the way, the Warsaw-based company is committing all resources to this IP, almost.

We know the game will be bigger than Witcher 3, it will have a class system, will cost more than any project prior and will probably have flying cars. Better yet, there will be no “bullshit” microtransactions.

I’m not here to speculate too much, though. I’ll leave that to you. Comment below your thoughts on Cyberpunk breaking silence after all this time. Do you think the developer is prepping for a reveal? Let us know.