Experience Stranger Things’ Upside Down for Free in VR… RIGHT NOW

Can you handle Stranger Things in VR?

Netflix’s Stranger Things is nothing short of a global and cultural phenomenon. If Netflix streaming was tracked the same way that your standard cable TV programming was, season 2 of the hit franchise would be the number one show on all of television. What that ultimately translates to is a lot of fans and a lot of potential people who would really dig Stranger Things in VR. Well, fans, you’re in luck.

Available now, for free on the PlayStation Store, is Stranger Things: The VR Experience. Originally confirmed back in October, this VR experience sends players to the Byers home to do some serious investigation. What’s going on with these lights and why the hell is there an alphabet on the wall? You likely already know the answers to these questions but hands-on in VR would be an interesting way to interact with it all, right?

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that fans who can handle the pressure will get to visit the Upside Down itself. Are you one of them?

Stranger Things Top Screen

Another recent tie-in VR experience that was heavily criticized for its entire lack of depth was Justice League VR: The Complete Experience with a big difference being that you actually had to pay for this one. Will critics go easier on Stranger Things purely by virtue that it’s free? We’ll have one of our go-to PSVR reviewers take a look and get back to you.