Explore The Neon Ocean With Jupiter & Mars Next Spring

Like A Neon Ocean Paradise

Yesterday’s Playstation Experience show featured a handful of trailers for upcoming games. Among them was Jupiter & Mars, the debut title from Tigertron coming next spring. The game appears to combine three great things in a single package: dolphins, VR and glowing surface textures. Exploring the neon ocean looks proper gorgeous.

Jupiter & Mars

Jupiter & Mars refers to the two dolphins themselves, the ones who will be doing all the exploring. You’re tasked with finding and dismantling the remaining artifacts of man’s lost civilization, thus allowing the oceans to come back to life. There will also be some treasure to hunt for and legendary sea creatures to meet. The impressive visuals are apparently an advanced form of echolocation, though the explanation feels a bit unnecessary. This could just be a crazy beautiful ocean paradise. That’s also fine.

The release date is currently set around May of 2018, though this isn’t quite concrete just yet. Although the game is designed for play with the PSVR, it looks like you’ll be able to switch to regular PS4 play if needed. This is always nice (and pretty important) if you’re feeling a bit woozy from all that immersive ocean exploring. My first thought was Ecco the Dolphin, but we can always use more unaffiliated sea creatures to immortalize with gorgeous gaming adventures. If you haven’t seen it yet, absolutely check out the trailer from PSX 2017, embedded below.

SOURCE: Press Release